VIP TIP’s When Buying a Pre-Owned vehicle.

  • Verify the dealer reputation and association with RMI and/or Naamsa.
  • Ask for proof of all previous owner and Service records.
  • Identify Year Model and ensure the description of the vehicle is correct.
  • View every single panel individually – this will point out if there are any signs of body repair work.
  • Ask for a declaration from the dealer if they did repair scratches and dents – and did they make use of a reputable autobody repair shop.
  • Condition of tyres and make compared to the mileage on the vehicle.
  • Interior – take time out to test all functionalities I.E. Airconditioner, Radio, heater, seatbelts- Make sure everything is in excellent working order – and that the trim and or leather is not damaged.
  • Oil – check the oil and ask when last did they service the vehicle.
  • Windscreen and Glass, and if fitted the quality of the safety film.
  • Excessive smoke when starting the vehicle -remember the higher the mileage of the vehicle, then there will be a requirement for additional maintenance in the future.
  • Modifications- Ask the dealer who worked on the vehicle and ensure that it was a reputable service centre.
  • Test Drive – Listen for engine noises when starting the vehicle and drive at least 40 – 50 km with the vehicle.
  • Finance – double-check, both your interest rate, add-ons and insurance – get comparative Finance and Insurance Quotes.
  • Double-check the 1st year of Registration – with special reference if the vehicle comes with a balance of service or motor plan.
  • If you are trading a Vehicle -Negotiate the Price – Do research before the time – this can make a big difference when you are busy with your final negotiations.
  • Remember – Its a Long term financial Commitment – and plan ahead with reference to your personal budget.
2020 cars 2 sell South Africa -Best Buys Best Value -Vehicle inspections are paramount when buying a car .
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